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Green Light New York provides energy and lighting efficiency education, critical research and networking opportunities to the real estate community of the greater New York City region.

Through our classes and symposia we connect the highly diverse communities of design, construction and real estate. Our focus is on existing, commercially available technologies, systems or processes. We identify barriers to adoption or implementation, introduce potential partners, broker relationships, and connect legal requirements and best practices to funding.

Green Light New York is developing an energy and lighting efficiency resource center in Manhattan that will provide a physical venue for; education and training; interactive mock-ups and displays; and a forum for progressive discourse. To learn more about our plans for the physical resource center and how you can support our efforts email us: info@greenlightny.org.


Buildings produce more than 80% of NYC’s greenhouse gases. Over 20% of the energy consumed by New York City buildings is for lighting. Improving lighting design is a potent tool for reducing strain on our electric grid, reducing air pollution from power plants, shrinking New York City’s carbon footprint and sharply diminishing the more than $15 billion that New Yorkers pay annually for energy. New York City has estimated that the adoption of existing “best practice” lighting technologies alone would lead to a 5-8% reduction in City greenhouse gas emissions.

The field of lighting design is changing rapidly. Lighting technology is becoming increasingly efficient, controls are growing in complexity and recent revisions to our energy codes require lighting to use considerably less power. Recent legislation will require 1.25 billion square feet of office lighting to be upgraded to current code in the next dozen years.


The confluence of newly stringent energy codes and rapidly changing technology creates a challenging environment for professionals striving to provide high quality, effective lighting systems for residential and commercial buildings. Green Light New York is the only independent organization delivering the training and knowledge required to meet these challenges. Our physical resource center will be the only neutral venue to apply that knowledge in investigations of new technologies. This neutrality will ensure we remain the hub that connects and integrates the disparate community of professionals- from architect and engineers to developers and managers to manufacturers- who must work together to realize energy efficiency opportunities across their portfolios.

Organizations or individuals interested in supporting Green Light New York should contact us: info@greenlightny.org.


Green Light New York delivers technical training targeted to working professionals as well as general education for broad audiences of real estate stakeholders and decision makers. General education events include a strong networking component. All of our events provide continued education credits.

To register for upcoming events, please visit our Eventbrite page.


Let There Be Daylight advocates for advanced daylighting systems to become a standard feature of New York City office spaces. Our analysis finds that 114 million square feet of NYC office space can easily accommodate the retrofitting of comprehensive daylighting controls and achieve electric peak demand reduction of as much as 160 megawatts, and 340 gigawatt hours of electricity savings. Deployment of daylighting systems is an opportunity for New York City building owners and tenants to benefit from $70 million in energy cost savings each year.


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Green Light New York is proud to announce the opening of the Building Energy Exchange, dedicated to advancing energy and lighting efficiency in the built environment. The Exchange is a physical center in downtown Manhattan for education, exhibition and inspiration, and a virtual gateway to events, resources and discussion. Visit our website for a wide range of resources— helpful case studies and research, a calendar teeming with events and activities, and our lively blog, Insight.

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